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Each dancer and family has different goals when joining a dance program.  At High Country, we understand that one program may not fit the needs of all its students.  Because of this, we have designed different programs that cater towards different needs.  Please read below to find the right program for you...



For our younger dancers, ages 2-7yrs, HCCD offers magical programs that cater towards the creativity of this age group, while fostering an environment that is constructive, positive, and goal-focused.  Our young dancers work through a step-by-step curriculum that prepares them for our upper level programs. Below are the classes we offer for each age group!






Unlike other school's children's programs, where each class is different depending upon the teacher, our dancers learn the same curriculum and exercises no matter which class they attend, or which teacher they have.  All of our dancers rotate through the same curriculum each month and do the same exercises.  If a dancer misses a class due to an illness or other event, they can attend another class as a make-up, and enjoy the same training and curriculum.  

Once a dancer has completed the curriculum in our Children's Program, they are moved into our "Rising Stars" classes in our older division.

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"Some people seem to think that good dancers are born, but all the good dancers I have known are taught or trained.."

-Fred Astaire, Hollywood Dancing Legend

"Twinkle Tots" Combo Classes
(Ages 2-4yrs)

HCCD offers magical fun-filled classes for it's pre-school aged dancers. We call them our "Twinkle Tot" classes!  Dancers use special curriculum, props & even a little "sparkle dust" to teach the basics of dance.  These classes rotate through ballet, jazz, tap & clogging.  The consistent change of pace throughout each class, allows our younger dancers to learn more, by constantly reconnecting their attention to the next exercise.  It is an amazing and exciting way to introduce and teach dance to children. 

Classes Include: Ballet, Jazz, Tap

Class Length:

Twinkle Tot 2-3 year-old classes: 45 minute class each week

Twinkle Tot 3-4 year-old classes: 60 minute class each week

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"Top Hats & Tiaras" Combo Classes
(Ages 5-7yrs)

At the age of five, dancers may begin taking our "Top Hats & Tiaras" classes. These classes maintain the magic found in our Twinkle Tot classes, while taking our dancers to the next step in their training.  This class is one of the most popular classes we offer for this age group!  The constant change in pace helps dancers to thrive, as they are constantly able to re-focus their mind on the material being presented! 


Classes include: Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Clogging.

Class Length:  60 minute class each week

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"Hippity Hop" Hip Hop Classes
(Ages 5-7yrs)

At the age of five, dancers may begin taking our "Hippity Hop" Hip Hop classes. These classes introduce the beginning elements of hip hop & breaking in a step by step manner. 


Classes include: Hip Hop & Breaking

Class Length:  45 minute class each week

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