Beginner Jazz & Lyrical Programs

HCCD understand the importance of ballet training when studying jazz and lyrical.  Because of this, we have two class options.  The first option is our "Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical" Combo classes.  These meet one time per week and  are divided by age.  Our second class option are our Jazz/Lyrical Pre-professional classes (see below).  In order to enroll in these classes, a student must be enrolled in a ballet class.

Pre-professional Jazz & Lyrical Programs

HCCD's offers a strong pre-professional jazz & lyrical program.  These classes meet one to two times per week, and require dancers to be enrolled in a ballet class.  For dancers in our Pre-professional ballet program, we highly recommend you enroll in our jazz & lyrical classes as well, in order to develop a fuller range of movement.

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