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We want everything to be a good fit.  Sometimes you don't know until you try!  We offer a free "no-pressure" trial class to new students.  Call to set up your free class today!

Children's Dance Classes (Ages 2-7yrs)

There is open enrollment year-round into our Children's Programs. We offer a wide variety of days and times for classes! Classes are capped at nine students for our younger dancers so we can focus on the needs of each child.

Dance Classes - Ages 2-4yrs
Dance Classes - Ages 5-7yrs

Dance Classes (Ages 8yrs & up)

Below is the list of our Beginning classes for ages 8 years and up.  There is open enrollment into these classes year-round.  Once a dancer masters the curriculum in these classes, they are moved into our "Masters" Classes.


Classes are capped at 10-12 students (depending upon the age of the group).  This allows us to focus on the needs of each dancer.  

Previous Experience?  If you have previous experience, and feel you would be better suited in an upper level "Masters" class, please set up a free assessment with us.  Entry into the "Masters" Program is by audition only.  Please contact the school to arrange your assessment today!

Beginning Ballet Classes
Beginning Jazz & Lyrical Classes
Beginning Clogging & Power Tap Classes
Beginning Hip Hop & Breaking Classes