High Country's magical program for its younger dancers!

Twinkle Tots (Ages 2-4yrs)

HCCD offers magical fun-filled classes for it's pre-school aged dancers. We call them our "Twinkle Tot" classes!  Dancers use special curriculum, props & even a little "sparkle dust" to teach the basics of dance.  These classes rotate through ballet, jazz, tap & clogging.  The consistent change of pace throughout each class, allows our younger dancers to learn more, by constantly reconnecting their attention to the next exercise.  It is an amazing and exciting way to introduce and teach dance to children.  Please read "What to Expect the first day of class!" prior to your first day!

Top Hats & Tutus (Ages 5-7yrs)

At the age of five, dancers may begin taking our "Top Hats & Tutus" classes. These classes maintain the magic found in our Twinkle Baby classes, while taking our dancers to the next step in their training.  Classes include Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Clogging.

Tutu Cute Ballet (Ages 5-7yrs)

At the age of five, dancers may begin taking our "Tutu Cute" Ballet classes. These classes introduce the beginning elements of ballet in a step by step manner.  Due to the curriculum in these classes, dancers must also currently be enrolled in a "Top Hats & Tutus" class in order to participate in our "Tutu Cute" ballet program.  

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