Why a class uniform?

HCCD feels it is very important for our dancers to have a specific uniform.  Dancers need to wear something that will allow them to move in class and focus on their training.  We have specific class attire for each of our levels and classes.  Our class attire is modest, yet tasteful, and caters towards all bodytypes and styles. 

Where do I get my uniform?

HCCMD carries all the items you need for class in our store, located inside of our schools.  We also have an online boutique.  Our stores name is Aspen Leaf Dancewear.  Please come in and we can fit you for everything you need.  Our store carries class attire at a discounted rate.  We also carry all of the basic you will need throughout your training such as tights, shoes, leotards, etc.  Come see us today and we can get you set up for your class!!

Fort Collins & Wellington, Colorado                                    970-225-0600